Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Life and Times of a 10 year old

Hi, it's Meghan! Well.. life as a 10 year old is really fun! The basketball season is almost over, one more game. GO SSP!! This year in basketball I made a couple of baskets and some free throws. We just got done selling Girl Scout cookies and it was really fun. We sold 27 cases at Schnucks in 4 hours! "Holy Cow", said Grandma. In June our troop will use the money we made to go to Eagle Hurst Ranch and go horseback riding. I am also starting a new book in piano, this is my third year playing the piano, maybe Mom will post a video of me playing.

I can't wait 'till summer! Swimming, playing, bike riding, and hopefully dog agility, if Spencer will listen to me and stay.

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  1. I just now found you! What fun it is to hear about you!!